The most petty HVAC issue has HOA threatening some good people

I seriously don’t mind being part of something that ends up being great for the whole. Like being a member of certain professional groups. I do it because I care about providing my voice to the official good of all of us. So, I understand the dynamic of how groups can act as a whole to the benefit of all. This is why the way the HOA is reacting to a minor Heating as well as Air Conditioning setback just makes me mad. I understand how all want to protect our property values by agreeing to maintain passable standards. However, the HOA board just went after some honestly great people over the most insignificant detail. The two of us have some elderly neighbors who are currently being threatened with terrible fines over the color of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning condenser cabinet outside their residence. I saw the letter as well as it was some serious harassment. These are truly great people who have to live on a fixed income. Replacing a Heating as well as Air Conditioning component because of color is beyond ludicrous. Their heating as well as cooling machine is far from aged. It just so happens that the Heating as well as Air Conditioning cabinet outside is in direct sunshine very often. So, it bleached out. Together, the two of us went online to find out what color the Heating as well as Air Conditioning cabinet was initially. The two of us got the color so our child as well as I painted it for them to solve this problem once and for all. Once the two of us were finished, I told them to call myself and others immediately if they got any more crazy mail from the HOA. I’m a lawyer as well as it would be nice to do some threatening too.


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