HVAC Off the Grid

It just so happens that I recently moved in to my very own prefabricated home.

The whole point was to live a more sustainable and simple life.

So, the place is pretty small but, I don’t really need all that much space in order to live a happy life. My new place in right in the middle of nowhere just where I wanted it to be. While building, I was very careful to limit the ecological impact I had on the area. It would be awesome if I could limit my environmental footprint to just a little more than the other animals I share this area with. The house I live in still has HVAC though. It sits on pilings amongst the trees. It’s kind of like living in an adult version of a treehouse. The electricity I use is from solar because I live in such a secluded area that there really isn’t a feasible electric hook up. The heat I get is from a small wood stove. Our winters are quite mild so, the small stove is all I really need. However, it gets really hot here in the summer. So, I had to figure out how to have some form of HVAC cooling. I chose to install a mini split ductless HVAC. It’s great because it was super easy to install and wire to my solar grid. The air handler is on one wall of the house and this provides plenty of cool air during the summer. I think having HVAC cooling is sort of a big extravagance but, suffering through extreme heat would just me miserable.

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