trading our house in for something more affordable

Having 8 kids in the house over the years, made for a really noisy home.

Many people think that we were crazy for having this many children, but both of us all got along well even if there were very often squabbles between the kids.

As parents, the people I was with and I simply raised our voices plus the kids would shut up. When our first child went to school for the next 4 years, I dutifully took his to school plus I saw parents crying outside. I was crying with joy, knowing that I would slowly have more quiet time in our home with each leaving a child. Although I thought about how the utility bills would also be going down. Both of us weren’t running the furnace indoors nearly as much while I was in the mornings anymore as the kids slowly started leaving home one by one. I was so proud to have raised kids that were responsible plus able to adequately make it alone. Eventually, I was beginning to guess I understood the meaning of empty nest syndrome, however it wasn’t because I missed my kids, nearly as much as because the current home was large. Eventually both of us found a smaller lake house that had a large living room for the family together. Instead of multiple rooms, the people I was with and I suddenly had only one. Our air conditioner machine could easily only run half the time. The furnace ran half of the time every winter. The energy bill was about a quarter of what it was when the mass of children all lived at home. I sometimes wonder if our youngest son will ever go out on his own, leave lake house, and leave us alone. Still, I am just enjoying not having an HVAC running all of the time.\

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