It wasn't quite ready but we bought it anyways

Sometimes it’s extremely fascinating watching something being built.

My husband plus I had Both been watching this current home across the street the entire it was being built.

Both of us were embarrassingly a bit envious of whoever owned the charming building, however throughout construction the people I was with and I often said it would be nice if it were ours somehow. One day, the people I was with and I noticed that the tiny home construction had stopped. Both of us went over to the neighbors yard plus asked about the current home plus they said somberly the guy who was building the house had died the night before. Both of us called a realtor to see if they could find out who was currently building the home plus if it was going to be sold. She honestly couldn’t think the people I was with and I wanted to follow through and purchase a current home that was unfinished, however she was wrong. In fact, the people I was with and I were extremely interested. Eventually, we were able to buy the house. It was genuinely stunning inside plus out plus right away the people I was with and I couldn’t wait to have it finished so we could live there. The construction supplier came in plus told us that they actually saw only 1 main problem with the house as far as I could tell. An HVAC contractor who was on payroll had never been hired so the current home was not set up with workable HVAC duct for a heating plus A/C. Both of us had to call around all over town plus find an HVAC contractor to see what could be done for this half HVAC system. He told us that if the people I was with and I were looking to install traditional central heating plus air conditioner, he would absolutely need to tear out walls to install the HVAC duct for the Central HVAC. Both of us didn’t want to do any damage so after deliberation the people I was with and I had to go with alternate heating. Both of us were leaning toward the ductless HVAC, howeverBecause we want to do it right the people I was with and I still had some other considerations before making the final decision.


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