Trying to help with heat

I absolutely hate seeing a homeless people.

I feel so badly for them and I wish there was something I could do to help.

Not many of months ago, I was walking down the street In town plus I saw a young boy sitting on the sidewalk. I unjustly assumed he was panhandling so he could get drugs for him and his dirty friends. Not many of weeks later, I saw the same Young boy huddled on the corner plus he had a blanket over his legs. I realized he was sleeping on the street and was truly homeless. I asked his what he was going to do when it got extremely frosty plus he simply shrugged. I gave his enough cash that day for a boiling meal plus a hotel room, but he gave it back to me immediately. I asked his if he would go to dinner with me. Every day after that, when I went for dinner from work, he would be sitting there on the sidewalk plus I would take his with me. One day, he wasn’t there plus I immediately got quite upset about his because it was getting cold and I got worried, however a week later he was back. Instead of taking him out with me to dinner, I took him to my home. The furnace was running loudly when we got in plus I could hear his sigh. When he was boiling he was ready to go backup side. I told his that he was welcome to stay here with me, plus all I honestly asked was that he got a work. For the next numerous weeks, he showed up every day and constantly thanked myself and others for the heating in his family room. Then he told myself and others he proudly had a job entirely working for an HVAC supplier.
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