Have you ever had a gut feeling about an Heating and A/C corporation?

I don’t suppose how to describe the feeling I get when I see certain people, there are just some people that make myself and others assume unusual from the moment I see them, however i can’t describe it easily well, but it as if my subconscious mind knows that they cannot be trusted, but without any proof, I suppose that something is off.

I have never been wrong about a man. This was exactly how I felt when I saw the Heating and A/C corporation that was coming to repair my oil furnace. There was something about the Heating and A/C corporation’s appearance that told myself and others that there was something bizarre about him. I knew that this Heating and A/C corporation wouldn’t be trustworthy, but it wasn’t enjoy I could just call up the boss of the Heating and A/C corporation and explain that to him. I considered canceling the appointment, even though I didn’t want to wait any longer to get my heating plan fixed. I should have listened to my gut, however at least he fixed my oil furnace… He was there for a few hours, but the heating plan was on when he left. However, that was not the only thing that changed when the Heating and A/C corporation changed, our furnace is located in the closest to our office room, and when I came to check on the furnace, all of our technology was stolen. A tablet, a TV, and a laptop had been taken by the Heating and A/C corporation… Sadly, he didn’t realize that I have cameras in my house, so when I called the police, he was right away arrested and caught with my stuff.