I need to secure an air conditioner

I am in the process of planning a two week long vacation for my mother and I. We are going to three different countries on this trip. The countries all speak English, are safe and are big nature areas. I am looking forward to taking my mother to waterfalls, forts and different castles. The one thing I need to make sure though, is that my mother gets quality air conditioning. Right now my mother is going through menopause. If she had no cooling access, she would be miserable. The countries I am planning for us are all cold. Colder places tend to only have heating systems. The warmest they get are around 60 degrees. I bet all of those countries don’t have any cooling. What am I going to do for my mom? I have thought about purchasing a portable air conditioner device and checking it. I then could plug in the portable AC for mom in each room we are staying in. I really don’t want to do this though. Can you imagine the cost of checking an air conditioner device? How ridiculous is that too? Right now I am hoping that there are certain hotels that have air conditioning. The hotels must have gyms. If they have gyms, they do have air conditioning in the place. I am hopeful I will find some good AC for her so I don’t have to check it. It would make for a much simpler trip for the two of us. Either way, AC is going to have to magically appear for her.

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