I hardly ever use my air conditioner even though I have one

The least used appliance in my house is definitely the air conditioner.

I have lived in this house for nearly 10 years, and I don’t think that I have ever turned the air conditioner on.

Obviously, I didn’t buy the air conditioner because I would never waste my money on something that I never planned on using. The only reason that the air conditioner is in my house is that it is a rental. The owner of the house installed a central air conditioner in all of his apartments so that we could have air conditioners without having any window air conditioners. I am sure that it is a kind gesture, but it isn’t very useful to me, so I never turn the HVAC unit on. I never had an air conditioner while growing up, and I think that that has something to do with my decision about never turning on the air conditioner. When you spend your entire life without an air conditioner, you realize that you don’t need it. Why would I pay for an air conditioner that I know that I can be happy without? In fact, I am convinced that using your air conditioner is the only thing that makes you discontent about not having an air conditioner. The more that you use one, the more that you have to use one. Soon, you will never be happy without air conditioning, and you have to waste all your money on either electricity or HVAC maintenance. When the next person moves in, maybe they will enjoy the air conditioner, but I never will.


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