Heated flooring in the garage

My husband Steve wants to upgrade our garage. Steve wants to clear and clean the whole space out. Next, he wants to redo the floors and add radiant flooring. Then, he wants an air conditioner device setup in the garage. Steve says the revamping and addition of quality HVAC is for our cars. In the Winter, due to the heated floors, we can have heated cars. We don’t need remote starts to turn on our heating systems. No more cold sweats, cold hands and the car having trouble starting. In the Summer, with the ductless AC, we will have cool cars. We won’t have scalding hot leather or stuffy air quality in the car. I know what the real reason is, it is not our cars. The better HVAC and clean garage is for Steve. I suspect that Steve wants to make the garage his man cave. He has mentioned a pool table and he already has a cooler full of beer in there. My husband wants a hang out he can stay in all year. The radiant flooring system will make it warm enough for him in the winter time. The heated floors would even warm the pool table with the radiant heater. The Summer AC system would make it so he can stay indoors and be comfy. I am not a fan of him having a man cave. It already is next to impossible to get him to work on the house. With the garage sanctuary, he would never help me again. The man cave with HVAC is going to be a no.