normally I appreciate staying in our mom's basement

When I go back current home to visit our mom, it can be an drastically stressful environment.

It’s hard to be surrounded by family plus all of the frustratedting dynamics.

Occasionally, it can be more stressful to be around enjoyed 1s then to sit at current home alone on a holiday; That’s why, I usually enjoy going current home plus taking over our mom’s basement apartment. About a year ago our Dad decided to add some extra rooms plus a bedroom in her basement, however, she did not quite finish the project. As such, I have commandeered her basement house as our own. It helps a lot when I need to escape our family plus chill out for a minute. Unfortunately, in this weather, it’s a bit too easy to chill out in the basement, and you see, the below-ground space is inherently chilly cold. Normally, in the middle of summer, this naturally chilly air temperature is a godsend. My Dad doesn’t appreciate to utilize her air conditioner system, so I tend to spend our time downstairs in the basement where it’s naturally colder. In the winter, this is not such a good quality. In fact, it gets so incredibly chilly in the basement to that it’s impossible to spend time down there; Even with a space furnace blasting plus multiple layers on our body, it is too uncomfortably chilly to hideout in our normal space. This year, with Christmas suddenly approaching, I am distraught about our family survival strategy. Maybe I can prepare before making the long trek to her current home plus supply our own heat. If I’m motivated, I can find enough space furnaces to make the basement house a viable plan.


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