Working on the wine cellar

He spends more money on wine every year than I even make at my job. His house is gorgeous and it’s in a great section of town. he has a huge kitchen with all of the  the modern appliances and top of the line gadgets. The rest of his house is beautiful as well. It wouldn’t matter to me if he lived in an average house, but it is nice to have the luxury items that he has. The most amazing thing about his home by far is his wine cellar. It is unusual to have a basement at all in our area, but he bought a house specifically with a basement so he could turn it into a wine cellar. The wine cellar is connected to its very own HVAC system. I should say cooling to be more precise because there is no heater in the wine cellar. Heat can destroy wine. Pooling protects wine. In order to store wine, you must have a reliable cooling system. Since we live in an area that is often the victim of hurricanes, he has a generator set up to run the a/c in the wine cellar if we have to go without electricity for a short while. The a/c in the house has no generator, but the a/c in the wine cellar does. Isn’t that amazing? He has invested way too much money in his wine collection.  All of those bottles of wine will be ruined without a/c, so even though it seems odd, it is actually rather smart to have a/c for your wine. He is protecting his long term investment. Computer server companies and server rooms in most businesses have generators to produce enough energy for a/c, so why would it be any different for a wine cellar?

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