let's make sure Christmas is at Paul's house

I always prefer going to my cousin Paul’s for the holidays! In fact, if we aren’t going to go to Paul’s house, I don’t need to celebrate Christmas at all.

He always has the most positive Spirit in addition to joy filled gatherings, then he invites the entire family to his location in the middle of the Woods in addition to makes the most awesome lunch.

It unquestionably is consistently something I look forward to every single year, all year. There was a few times he didn’t hold the holiday gathering for the family because he was either out of town on company or just didn’t feel physically up to it. But most of the years he has always come through! Paul has this unquestionably nice fireplace in his lake house that adds so much joy to the holiday spirit. The fireplace is not one of those fake fireplaces or anything like that either! You know, the electric fireplaces or the cheapo fireplaces with the gas generated flame. No! This amazing mantle is a real authentic fireplace that you need to break wood for every time! He has the fireplace decorated with all kinds of delightful Christmas decorations, and also, he always has the little kids in the extended family open their gifts right in front of the fireplace. It’s consistently unquestionably unlike any holiday gathering I have ever been to in my whole entire life. There is something amazing about that special fireplace that he has in his house! Fireplaces are totally awesome! That is how I feel about it all.


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