I guess I'm going to move?

Sometimes I really wonder about small-time living and all of the possibility for corruption in the political system.

That’s why, I am about to tell you something that you unquestionably will not be able to believe.

A lot of small towns have the most unofficial housing rules going on. Well this small town that I live in just did the most particularly deranged thing. They are banning gas furnaces for residential use! Yes I am not kidding you! They just recently sent out a notice to all the lake house owners who stay the winter in the area about how gas heating systems are a massive danger to the air quality. Also they were saying how indoor gas heating systems were dangerous to operate in general. I mean this makes sense. However if you really look after your family gas furnace in addition to take nice care of it they will not create the exaggerating dangers that they are saying! I have had my gas furnace in my house for a unquestionably long time. And now all of a sudden with the gas furnace being banned I am being forced to either consider selling my lake lake house in addition to moving out to a normal town in the town or get rid of it and buy a new one. Getting rid of my gas furnace in addition to replacing it right now with a central heating method or something else from the HVAC company is going to be a bit hard for myself and others right now. I guess I need to weigh the costs of moving with the cost of a new HVAC
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