I'm about to report them if they don't move

Sometimes people move into the neighborhood and create complete chaos. I can’t be the only one who has noticed this. Have you ever had neighbors that you simply just can not stand living near? I guess this is what I am dealing with right now in my neighborhood! My neighbors are young in addition to unquestionably careless dirty people to say the least. They are always making a lot of noise and wrecking things because they are so careless! For example I’m on happy to tell you they keep backing into my central heating in addition to cooling component with their truck! Somehow they end up in my yard and they are completely destroying my AC unit. Every single time they do this they are putting terrible dents in my otherwise perfectly now working central cooling method unit! I really had to explain this event to my certified heating in addition to cooling specialist that checks up twice a year on my central heating in addition to cooling unit. They asked myself and others why everytime they come out to my property to do the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tune up on the central heating in addition to outdoor cooling component that it is always dented more in addition to more severely! I told them. And the certified heating in addition to cooling specialist then told myself and others that if it happened much more that it could very well permanently injure my central AC. I told my neighbors about this in addition to they didn’t even blink an eye on time. They were really pretty rude about it! If my central cooling method breaks down because of them backing into it with their massive trashy truck, you just wait. I am going to sue them for a lot of money!

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