No need for air conditioning

My  daughter and I are looking for a truck to buy. We want it to be an old, used truck that we can use and rely on. Every time we try to purchase something that is larger than groceries, it never fits in our car. it is always major hassle. So we are looking for a truck. All we care about is that it runs well. We don’t really care if it is pretty or not. We don’t care if it has a/c or not. We can live without a/c for our short trips over to the home improvement store. We can even live without a heater in the truck. Ironically, one of the things we recently wanted to buy was a small window a/c unit. We couldn’t buy the heating and cooling system though because it would not fit in our car! Haha, we had a/c in the car, but we couldn’t manage to get a/c for the house. Anyway, we really think that the truck will be super useful for our needs. We plan to share the cost together and share the use of the truck. Whether the truck has a/c and a heater or not, it needs to be a cheap reliable truck. We don’t want to pay a lot to be able to go to Home Depot and get what we need, but we do want to be able to buy what we want! So, we are looking at the online classifieds and scouring the sides of the road. If you happen to see an old truck for sale, with a/c or without a/c, please don’t hesitate to  let me know.

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