Dealing with dust

I feel like I’m always battling dust and dirt in my house. Aside from breathing it in and having it cause allergy issues, it settles in every corner of my house. I can sweep and dust and just a couple of days later things are coated in dust again. At first I wasn’t sure why this was such an issue for me, but a friend of mine recently let me in on some tips that might help me get this issue under control. First, he told me that I need to make sure I’m changing my air filters and cleaning the coils in my HVAC unit on a strict schedule. He said that forgetting to do this can lead to a lot of excess dirt getting into the HVAC unit and circulating throughout my home. He also told me that I should look into getting my air ducts cleaned out. It’s generally a good idea to have this done every other year, and I haven’t had this done since I moved into the house four years ago! He said that tons of dirt can accumulate in the air ducts, and that could be the main source of my problem. So, I plan on taking this advice and getting some serious cleaning done soon. I hope that this cuts back on my cleaning issues because I’m so tired of the mess and the poor air quality. It’s time to get my place feeling spotless! I really hope that this helps. If not, I might just start looking for a new place to live altogether.

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