Very odd

I have to tell you that residing in the south west is legitimately unpredictable when it comes to the temperature as well as the temperatures, you never think when you are going to have to use your central air conditioning, everyone in the south west has central a/c because it is deadly sizzling most of the year around here, however i can tell you that I had quite the surprise when a few mornings after the new year I ended up having to set my thermostat to the a/c setting as well as run the air conditioning when everywhere else in the world was frigid cold! I did not grow up around here, so the fact of sometimes having to turn on the a/c in the Wintertide time is silly to me, at first I kind of liked the method as well as thought it was kind of awesome… But after a few years of having to run your central a/c method in the Wintertide time as well as not seeing snow gets tiresome; Running the central a/c method actually makes the electric bills a bit higher than running the central oil furnace.

I don’t think why central a/c seems to cost more to run. But I can tell you that the electric companies here in the south west are actually much more rich than the electric companies in the normal parts of the world. I just had to turn on my central a/c method last week, as well as right now it is a few weeks after new years as I am writing this!


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