Figuring it out on my own

Ever since my wife and I separated it has been a hard time to get through the days if I were to be honest with you.

Even though the separation was the best thing for each of us, getting used to living without my wife after all those years of being together has come with many setbacks.

For example, now that I am living in my new house I am the one in charge of handling all of the things that go with being a homeowner. When I was still with my wife she loved to take the lead on these types of things, which I was totally fine with. Not all that long ago my air conditioning system broke down on me in the middle of the night, and it took me a good ten minutes or so until I realized that my wife wasn’t going to come walking into the room and tell me that she scheduled an HVAC service tech to come out the next day and it would be up to me to make that happen. Talking on the phone with the HVAC company was awkward, I had a hard time telling them what I needed help with, and every second I was taking I was wishing that my wife was doing this instead of me. I guess this is just one of the things that I will have to grow accustomed to over time, because as far as I know there is nobody else in my near future that will help make my life any easier by doing these mundane things for me.