Improving my daily commute

Ever since I was hired at my new job my daily commute to work has nearly doubled.

While I was extremely excited and thankful for the job promotion along with a raise in pay, the extra long commute is already starting to get to me only three weeks in.

One of the things that has been making the hour and a half long drive to work each morning other than waking up extra early is how cold it is on the drive. The HVAC system in my car broke down a few years ago, and due to my lack of funds I had no choice but to go without proper heating in my car despite the fact that I live in the chilly north. During this time I am forced to put on two coats, an extra jacket, a pair of warm mittens, and a scarf of course. Well, now that I am making more money and I have a chance to work my way up at this company, I have decided to bite the bullet and spend the money to have my HVAC system finally fixed up. The service tech that was assigned to help me out told me that this was something that he deals with all the time and he promised to deliver excellent service. If I am going to be driving all morning to this job I shouldn’t have to freeze my rear end off the whole time, and with this big update to my car I will finally be able to leave my extra coats and mittens behind at home!
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