There’s been a lot of promises here

A few months ago, I took over the position of human resources director for our company. I was hesitant about taking the position, because I had been with the company for so long. I knew they moved slowly on fixing problems, and I didn’t want to be part of the problem. They offered me a raise of twenty percent, and I couldn’t refuse. I have a family of five, and that’s a lot of money to turn down. Everything was going well until recently, when the HVAC system had problems. Some of the employees on the fifth floor were complaining about noises in the HVAC ducting. When I had amassed nearly a dozen complaints, I thought it was time to inspect the air ducting for myself. I spent a few hours on the fifth floor, and I never heard anything unusual from the air ducting. A few days later, the floor manager was in my office. He insisted that we call someone to inspect the air ducting. When I explained the costs involved with calling a professional, he was still insistent. He promised they would find something in the air ducting system, and I was truly intrigued at this point. On Monday of this week, the HVAC contractor sent a technician into the air ducting system. They found a mama raccoon and a family of five babies. No one knows how they ended up in the air ducting system, and the crew couldn’t find any entry points. We had to call a certified animal handler to remove the critters. They were taken to a zoo nearby, where they will have a permanent home.

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