My home got genuinely chilly while I was gone on vacation

I have no plan what is wrong with our furnace. I have been having trouble with it ever since I went on vacation about two months ago. I took a two week vacation halfway across the world, plus I had the time of our life. While I was gone, I asked a single of our nice friends to stop in plus check on our home every few mornings to make sure everything was doing okay! The hour time that he stopped by, he observed that the home was quite cold. It was only about fifty degrees in the house, however he thought that I had turned the temperature control down to fifty degrees since no a single was there. The fifth time that he evaluated on the house, it was only about thirty degrees, plus he knew that something was up, but he called me immediately to let me know, plus then, he had his husband go to our home plus check out the problem. Apparently, our furnace had turned itself off. His husband turned it back on, plus it worked good for the rest of our vacation, however once I got back, it turned itself off again, however thankfully, I caught it within a few hours of it turning off. It has done that about more than four times since I have been back from our vacation, plus I have no plan why. I am absolutely going to have to call an HVAC supplier sometime soon, however I genuinely don’t want to. HVAC companies tend to charge a lot of money that I genuinely don’t want to spend right now.


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