I assume the landscapers are responsible for this

I cannot know the landscapers mowed over my a/c lines; I am genuinely fed up with this landscaping contractor that the gated community uses; First it was my roses and now it’s my air conditioner, however of course the a/c line broke and refrigerant escaped into the atmosphere and now my air conditioner is not working at all.

No, I didn’t see the landscapers mow over the a/c lines however I am sure it was them. I got home from work and noticed the air conditioner wasn’t working and I started poking around trying to find the reason why, then that’s when I found a giant gash in the a/c line that runs from the compressor into the house! Since the landscapers consistently mow the lawns today, I am sure it was them, then however, when I called up the landscaping contractor they insisted it was not them who mowed over my lines and they refuse to pay an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to come out and repair them. I can tell you 1 thing, either a lawn mower blade hitting my a/c line or somebody intentionally assaulted the line with an axe. I am not a betting person although I would bet that it was the lawn mower blade. I also left a message for the gated community manager however it’ll particularly take nights or weeks until I hear back from him. I assume I’ll just have to call up an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor myself and have my air conditioner repaired on my own dime. Then I’ll argument about getting reimbursed for the injure from the manager or the landscaping people. I do not care who pays me back, I just do not see why I should be out money because of some landscapers negligence.



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