My mind is being blown

It was just several weeks since I changed over to a new job for a human resources supervisor at my current place of employment. I was very weary about this change over for this particular job, because I had been with the company for a decade. I was aware that they functioned slowly on addressing problems. The last thing I wanted was to be anything to speak of the problem. They gave me a raise of twenty five percent, which made it impossible to turn down. I have a larger than most family, so really that’s a lot of salary to turn down for us. While, everything was going smoothly, recently when the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method had concerns, I panicked. Since some of the employees on the fifth floor were calling in about odd noises in the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C ducting around the area, I knew I had to take action. Now, it had escalated to nearly a dozen complaint. I knew it had become time to inspect the HVAC ducting for my benefit. I spent a several minutes on the fifth floor that day, but I never heard anything out of the ordinary from the HVAC ducting. But, alas, a few mornings later, the floor supervisor was in our office again complaining. She insisted that it was my job to call someone to inspect the HVAC ducting. When I tried to go over the cost perspective involved with calling a professional, she was still very forceful with me. She promised they would locate something in the HVAC ducting system it they investigated, so I was certainly intrigued by this point in the ordeal! On Sunday of last week, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor sent his local serviceman into the HVAC ducting system in the back. Sure enough, they discovered a mama raccoon with a sweet but reckless family of 5 small babies. Honestly, how they could have ended up in the HVAC ducting system we had was just mind blowing. Really, the crew couldn’t find any entry points, when they searched. Now it was my job to call a certified animal handler to remove the pesky runts. They were taken to a zoo nearby, where they will have a permanent home and we can have our unit back in shape.