I worked on my favorite celebrity’s HVAC unit

This morning, on my way to work, I was listening to my favorite singer.

This singer gives me inspiration as I travel to work, and I even listen to him while I am working on furnaces and air conditioners.

I am an HVAC technician in a larger HVAC company in the middle of a very urban city. Our city is huge, and our HVAC company does work on a lot of different houses in our area. I have been working with this HVAC company for a while, and I have heard stories about people working on the furnaces and air conditioners of celebrities in our city. I hadn’t personally worked on any HVAC units for famous people, but I assumed that it was because they usually sent the veterans to work on those. Today, when I got my list, I turned on my music while I drove to the first house that I was going to be working at. The owner of the HVAC company told me that it might take me a while to fix all of the HVAC units at this house, but he also said that it would be worth it for the company. When I pulled up, I immediately introduced myself to the owner. I almost passed out when I realized that it was the singer that I was literally just listening too. I was going to have the opportunity to work on my favorite celebrity’s HVAC unit! I was shocked, but I was even more shocked when he talked to me while I was working.



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