Bad impression on first day of the job

I have been searching for a job for a long time.

Application after application was denied, and I was beginning to lose faith in myself, and truly worry about my future.

Finally, after probably over 200 applications, I got a job. I was to start next Monday. My job was to basically arrange and stock items in the back, and to guard the door for employees only. It seemed like they had problems with people going in the back area, especially teenagers. When I started this job, I went in the back room and there was nothing interesting. Just some cleaning supplies, a ladder, a box of tools and an air conditioning system. Yet still, this room seemed to attract all of the weirdos. My first day was spent guarding the door while stacking some heavy paint cans. I managed to stack most of the cans, but I noticed some far in the back, and I briefly turned my back to reach them. 10 minutes after, I heard a crash from the back room. Uh oh, I quickly ran into the back room only to see a few teenagers trashing the room! One was spraying paint on the walls, the other was throwing things and the last was on top of the air conditioner. One of them knocked over a paint can which felt on top of the a/c system and into the AC vents. I managed to chase them out, but after seeing the damage, I knew I was going to be in hot water. The manager was furious and since the a/c unit had a lot of damage, I was the one sent the bill. This wasn’t really fair, but I badly needed the job, so I kept my mouth shut.

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