It’s time to clean the air duct

I was so excited when I was offered a new position last month as an executive. I was very worried about changing positions this late in my career, because I had been with the company for a couple of decades. I had heard that they moved like a snail on fixing concerns, and I didn’t want to be a source of the problem in a leadership role. They did make a generous offer of a raise of thirty percent. With all my student loans, I couldn’t refuse. I have two children starting college in the fall, and that’s a lot of money to turn down at this critical time. As I knew it, everything was going well when I took it over.  Then, the worst happened, when the Heating and Air Conditioning method had major concerns. It was at that time that some of the employees on the third floor were complaining about very strange noises in the Heating and Air Conditioning ductwork. I honestly was taking in nearly a dozen complaints daily, and now I thought it was time to inspect the ductwork for myself in order to assess a serious problem. I spent a few minutes on the third floor this weekend with the system turn on and off, but I never heard anything unofficial as they were claiming from the mechanism. However a few afternoons later, the floor supervisor was in our office not looking happy with me. Now, he was insisting that several people I had talked to were upset and I needed to call someone to inspect the duct working. When I explained the enormous costs involved with calling a professional, he was still forceful about it. He was very certain that they were going to discover something in the duct working system that afternoon. So. I was undoubtedly intrigued at this point of margin. So, on Monday of this week, the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation sent a service technician into the duct working system to find the problem noise. They found a mama raccoon and a family of numerous raccoon babies! No one knows how they could have ended up in the duct working system for there are no holes. And the crew couldn’t find any entry points through the vents! Both of us had to call  numerous places before finding a certified pet handler to remove the critters. They were taken to a rescue zoo nearby, where they will have a permanent home.

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