Bad Odor From Our Furnace Made My Kids Faint

It was winter and the season when we needed our furnace the most.

We switched to a more modern oil furnace after cracks were detected in our fireplace.

I know, my choice for a heating system is a bit traditional but my husband and I are saving up for our kid’s tuition, and thus decided to put plans of purchasing new central heating that gives off quality heating and air in the back burner. The oil furnace is okay. It is affordable and did not cause our electric bills to rise. We also trusted the HVAC company who installed it as it got good reviews online from previous customers, who availed of their HVAC services. Our oil furnace went well in the first three years. What we had forgotten is that we should have regular HVAC maintenance for a technician to look into the heating system. One night, we were all asleep when a weird smell woke me and my husband. I woke up with a heavy head and nauseated feeling. I could not think of any other source but from our oil furnace. Then, I remembered my kids and immediately went to their room. I tried to shake them but they were not responding. I screamed in panic and sent my husband to the room. We immediately evacuated the kids outside, called an ambulance as well as a nearby HVAC technician to fix the problem. It was a carbon monoxide gas leaking, a problem that we could’ve detected had we followed regular HVAC maintenance and checkups. I am beyond happy when I found my kids waking up in their hospital beds. After that incident, my husband and I are seriously planning to save for a new central heating system. We could not risk the lives of our kids ever again due to a malfunctioning furnace.


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