I didn’t hear anything

It was around the Spring when my direct manager wanted me to change my positions in the company.  No one would be happy about accepting this new position and status, because it had been known to be a problem role for several years. I knew that this management team moved slower than most companies on issues that came to the table. I, for one, did not want to be the new person to get the brunt of the problematic ways of this process. But, then they offered this position a raise of twenty percent, and I couldn’t refuse the extra needed funds. I have a family of eight, and that’s a lot of money to turn down that can feed mouths. Everything was going well at the start, until this past week.  I knew it when the Heating plus A/C plan had troubles that were not fixable by our own maintenance team. I had a number of employees on the seventh floor complaining hourly about screeching noises in the Heating plus A/C ducting. Once I had amassed nearly two dozen phone and email complaints, I couldn’t avoid it. Now, it was time to inspect the HVAC ducting for myself. So, first, I spent a few minutes on the problem floor, and I never heard anything that they complained about from the HVAC ductwork in the walls. A few afternoons later, the floor supervisor was in my office with an unhappy face. He insisted that we call someone to inspect the HVAC ducting today or I would have a walk-out. When I explained the costs involved with calling a professional, he could care less. He was so certain that they would find something in the HVAC ducting system if they looked. Well, now I was honestly intrigued at this point, but not telling him!  On the Friday of this week, the Heating plus A/C business sent a serviceman into the HVAC ducting system to assess the issues. They found a mama raccoon and a family of six babies, if you can believe that. No one knows how they ended up in the HVAC ducting system, and this tech crew could not find any points where they could have entered! I got on the phone to call had to call a certified creature handler to remove the critters immediately for they were a danger to touch. They were taken to a zoo nearby, where they will have a permanent home. My team when and got to name all of them!

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