My first job was as a prep cook in a new restaurant in town.

I don’t think the new owner had any extra cash because, for over a year, the HVAC heating and air conditioning unit seemed on the brink of dying. It took almost a year for the owner to bring in an HVAC technician. The front of the restaurant, where customers sat, seemed comfortable enough, but, both summer and winter, the kitchen was unbearably hot. The other cooks and I would look for excuses to go to the front of the restaurant, or even go outside, whichever offered the most relief. We took a lot of restroom breaks, since the restrooms were the coolest place in the restaurant. I started working there the day it opened, and, after three months of suffering, the head cook, who spent the most time in the restaurant kitchen, brought in a portable air conditioning and heating unit for the grill area. It did cool off the kitchen some, almost enough for us to be comfortable. However, I thought it was rather poor management when employees have to bring in their own air conditioning. We used this portable air conditioning unit for about nine months or so, and the owner finally got the HVAC unit serviced and the kitchen became a lot more comfortable. But, as far as the experience of my first job, I learned that with employment comes hardships, and restaurant HVAC units are prone to having issues because they work so hard. I am a restaurant manager now, and I make sure to have the restaurants HVAC unit serviced every year.

Air conditioning repair