I was working in a pizza shop

I was working in a pizza shop for almost a year, when the owner finally called the HVAC company to repair the HVAC system.

Since the day I started working, the HVAC system seemed like it was on the verge of dying.

I don’t know if he couldn’t afford to have the HVAC system fixed or if he just didn’t care. Maybe it took customers threatening not to come back if he didn’t have the HVAC system fixed for him to have it repaired. We were always looking for some way to cool off, whether it was to go outside, or just head to the restroom. For some reason, the bathrooms always seemed to be the coolest place in the building. I remember thinking that the head cook had to have been sick because of how often he had to go to the bathroom. Once he brought in a portable air conditioning unit, he didn’t go so often. I was surprised at how well that small portable air conditioner was able to cool the kitchen. Most of us were closer to being comfortable than we had been for a long time. I couldn’t believe the owner would allow him to bring in a portable air conditioner. I was more surprised that he thought it was okay for the cook to bring in the air conditioner. The funny part was that after the cook brought it in, the owner seemed to realize that he needed to have something done to the HVAC system and that is when he made the phone call.

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