I had a horrible day

I grew up in the south where we seldom had any real cold.

  • I didn’t really like the cold, but I headed north for my husband.

I have hated it ever since we got here. Shortly after we moved north, we had our first snowfall. I didn’t want to get out of my warm bed and go to work in all of this cold. Luckily, by the time I had to leave, it started to rain a bit and the snow was melting. This wasn’t too bad and I was okay until I went to my car and on to work. During the day, a wintery wind began to blow which caused the melted snow to turn to a solid sheet of ice. I had the heat on in the car, but that didn’t make the roads any less icy. I saw that my check engine light was on and I decided it was more important to just go home where I had a perfectly good furnace to get me warm. I had my heater on high and I got out on the highway. I was only a mile from home when the car broke down. I called the tow truck, but he wasn’t able to take me home. Instead of standing in the icy rain, on an icy road, I decided to walk home. I was freezing and it was only the thought of getting home to the feel of the furnace that kept me walking. By the time I got home, I was shivering and so angry with my husband for dragging me here, that I was ready to head south even before he got home. I took a hot shower, turned up the thermostat and I was napping by the air vent when he got home..


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