Dirty Air Filters Made My Sinuses Go Mad

For years now, I have strategically managed my reaction to allergens through pills and nasal sprays.

However, it got worse during this spring this year because of a defective HVAC system in our office. Spring may be a beautiful season for you, but not for me. It is the time when I have to take extra care of myself and make it stronger from pollens. One way to manage my allergies is to be in a room with a good air conditioning system. The air conditioner should have clean air filters, which means that the heating and air conditioning unit should only produce good indoor air quality free from molds, toxins, and pollens. However, this year. I have just learned that my office failed to accomplish one of its routine HVAC maintenance. I was mad like hell but couldn’t do anything for days as the person-in-charge was on a leave. My sinuses were raging, I have a slight temperature and headache, which made it impossible for me to concentrate on my work. It was only after a few days when finally they sent a team of HVAC professionals from a reputable cooling and heating business in the neighborhood. They did a great job of cleaning up the air filters and providing good ventilation in the entire office. I can feel the difference afterward as my allergic reaction got milder by the day. Thank god the heating and cooling service team was quick to respond to our concerns. They advised the management to replace the old air conditioner with a new HVAC. Well, there was another option to replace the air filters with a new one. As our office is trying its best to save money, they followed the second advice to maintain the cleanliness of the air filters, and buy a new one. It made a difference to the overall indoor air quality as well as a big difference to my health.



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