Furnace Thermostat Is Not Working Thus Making The Room Cold

It was one of those monthly board meetings when we have to gather and show the progress of our work.

Yes, our company is a big one, but it did not modernize the facilities in the suburbs, even its central heating system, which still relies on electric furnaces.

There’s really nothing wrong with a furnace, but when it is a bit older, the heating system becomes slow to heat and sometimes, stopped working along the way. We were listening to the routine reports and feedback from our boss while the snow was falling outside. Despite layers of clothing, I could still feel the heat creeping in. I began suspecting that the furnace did not undergo its usual heater tune-up, and there must be something wrong with the heating equipment that needs a furnace repair. We carried on until I noticed a co-worker, a few seats from me, shiver. At first, it was a normal shaking when your body wants to grow accustomed to the coldness of the room. But after a few minutes, her body rocked so hard, all of us were staring at her direction. She was also very pale and looked sick. We tried to comfort her. Thanks to the idea of one officemate to get the space heater in the basement. Well, it solved the problem with the heating system in that moment. However, we all know that the solution for the furnace is something temporary. We filed a complaint against our decrepit electric furnace. Fortunately, after a month of waiting, the central office answered our request by providing a budget to avail of a new HVAC. This time, it is a new heating and cooling equipment that promises longevity and an efficient wireless thermostat. It was a relief for all of us. Now, we can concentrate on our meeting without getting distracted from intense coldness during winter. We can now experience quality heating and air all day long. The central heating system has been very efficient, and hopefully, we can also do our part to give its routine HVAC maintenance so that it will last long.