Setting up the air duct

It only took 15 years before I was given a new opportunity in my company. It was nice to finally be asked. Though, when it came to it, I was anxious about taking this new role on. I was very aware of how poorly the company worked. The rate at which they didn’t move for problems was ridiculous.  I was not anticipating a tremendous start in being the new source of the core problems among my cohorts. I believe the raise was the only thing I could be really thrilled about, as I was about to have triplet girls. We knew that would be a lot of needed extra money to the budget that I didn’t want to turn it down. I was happy how everything was progressing at first and then disaster struck. It so happened that the Heating & Air Conditioning plan had  major troubles to deal with! Some of the older employees on the upper floor were complaining about crazy noises in the Heating & Air Conditioning ducting. I didn’t act until I had at least a dozen complaints, then I thought it was time to inspect the air ducting for myself. I spent a few minutes on the sixth floor late that afternoon, but I never heard anything unregular from the air ducting as many times as we fiddled with the thermostat. But, needless to say, a few afternoons later, the floor manager was in our head office again! He insisted that we immediately bring someone in to clear out the air ducting. When I explained the exorbitant costs involved with calling a professional, he was still demanding. He told me he would take a pay cut if they would not find something in the air ducting system. So, now I was totally intrigued at this point. When on Monday of this week, the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor serviceman arrived to look into the air ducting system, we were ready for answers. Then just like that, they discovered a mama raccoon a family of more than five tiny babies. We just couldn’t figure out how it was that they ended up in the air ducting system, as the crew could not find any entry points into the area. But, we proceeded to call a certified animal handler to remove the critters at once. They were taken to a zoo nearby, where they will have a permanent home that suits them much better.