We are finally making money thanks to SEO marketing

For a good chunk of time my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company was struggling to stay afloat; I gave a shot using some ads in the newspaper, putting things on facebook plus also offering promotions, then nothing I did seemed to get any traffic to our iPhones.

I then heard from a neighbor of mine that hiring an SEO company was an unbelievable idea; They can boost your website to get organic traffic more often.

Then the calls are supposed to start pouring in. I did not see the point in picking an online SEO team. I already had a website. It seemed pretty unbelievable to me. Both of us had a homepage plus a page that offered all the multiple deals. The iPhone number was clearly marked at the top of the page and there were even pictures on the website. I did call up the digital SEO company just to see what they had to tell me. The very first thing the SEO guy said was that our website was horrible, and apparently the website was barely operational. There were connects that did not function. The navigation features on the locale were confusing. Along with that, I needed more content to be on there than what I had. I really did not think them. Then the SEO company owner showed me a mock up of one of the websites they have done before. It was amazing. The website came with some moving graphics, multiple pages plus looked entirely professional, and even if I did not get more company off of the better site, I still wanted our webpage to look that good. I hired them right away.

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