Looking at the SEO business website

I have been trying to get my wine business up and running.

I have a lot of customers that are local. They see my winery driving by and stop in for a bottle. I do wine tastings all throughout my state. People are good about buying the wine right then and there. But, they did not want to drive hours in order to purchase it. Getting my wine into different liquor stores was too difficult. I decided that I needed an online site that they ordered from. I started out just hiring a buddy to make me a website. The guy claimed to have knowledge in web building and code. The website was horrible. The colors were too bright, the information was confusing and I could not navigate the site at all. It also moved incredibly slow. I then heard about an SEO business that makes websites. I looked at their website and it was incredible. Not only was their actual website amazing, but they showed example sites that I liked. One in particular was for an HVAC business. The HVAC company website was very modern, edgy and new looking. I basically wanted that same website only for my wine business. I was pleased to see that the SEO business did not charge very much to just make a website. They had other SEO tactics that I could spend more money on if I wanted to get more business. I think I will leave that for another. For now, I want to see what a new professional website does for me.

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