My husband is a carpenter by trade

He owns his own business, but we are far from wealthy. We always dreamed of buying a fixer upper house that he could work on himself. So, when we came into money last year, that’s exactly what we did. Admittedly, I had dreams of stainless steel appliances, plush furniture, and heated floors. I love to cook, and it gets awfully cold in these parts (I hate having cold feet!). In reality, what we got was plumbing problems, electrical problems, and an HVAC unit that didn’t work. My husband is not a plumber, an electrician, or an air conditioner repairman, so, his dream of working on his own fixer-upper house and saving money went up in smoke, or down the drain. So, we called in the plumbers to fix the many leaks, the electricians to rewire the house and replace the fuse box, and the HVAC technician to repair the air conditioner. The leaks got fixed, the electricity got fixed, but, the HVAC unit could not be fixed. It had to be replaced, another expenditure we hadn’t expected. It looked like my stainless steel appliances, plush furniture, and heated floors would have to wait a year. That was last year. Fortunately, with the new electrical equipment and new, energy efficient HVAC unit, we saved a ton on our electric bill, and my husband’s business had a successful year, so, I finally got my stainless steel appliances and plush furniture, and I just love my heated floors. And, they were easy for my husband to install and they are supposed to save us more energy in the long run. And the new HVAC unit keeps the house comfortable. This second year in our new house is much better than last year.


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