So glad I found that personal trainer

After three pregnancies in under a few years, I was carrying around nearly 15 pounds of extra weight.

Trying to keep up with the wants of three small children didn’t leave much option to work out.

I was actually unhappy with my appearance and began to suffer from depression. I was regularly eating plus snacking actually poor meals, and the issues worsened. My husband finally purchased me a membership to a local gym plus offered to look over the kids every evening so that I could go work out. I was extremely happy to get started at the gym. However, I found the setting actually scary. I wasn’t familiar with the machines. I felt self-conscious. I was on the verge of stopping altogether when I observed a flyer advertising a personal trainer. Desperate for some kind of miracle, I called the number plus set up a meeting with him. Working with a personal trainer has been a good thing for me. She helped me to set good goals and achieve them. Along with an exercise regiment, she also created a healthy meal method for me. I have been meeting with my personal trainer two times per month for the last three years. I’ve lost over 25 pounds plus feel truly fantastic. I am not only smaller but stronger plus healthier than ever before. She continues to motivate me, set new goals plus hold me accountable. I hope to set an example for my kids to follow when it comes to staying healthy.



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