The personal trainer was perfect for me

I was kind of fat as a kid.

The extra weight negatively affected my feelings of pride, and I became actually shy.

Although I desperately wanted to take some kind of sport or activity, I was afraid of being ridiculed and embarrassed. I had only a few friends and never joined into social activities. As I got older, my issues with weight worsened plus my nurse warned me of potential health problems. Sadly, I had no idea how to go about losing weight. I tried all sorts of fad diets but couldn’t stick with them. A coworker of mine told me that I should talk with a personal trainer. She said that the one-on-one care had given her some good results. Since I was truly terrified of a gym setting with lots of people plus different equipment, I decided to give the personal trainer a try. She started with a whole series of questions, asking me all about what I eat, problems plus both immediate and long-term goals. The process put me at ease plus allowed me to ask questions. I had assumed we’d work out for a couple hours and she’d send me on my way. Instead, the personal trainer worked out a meal and exercise program for me to follow. Even on the days when we didn’t meet up, I had fitness goals to complete. Every time we got together, she evaluated my weight, measurements plus my mental health. I needed to fill out a chart of my fitness ideals. This was extremely fun to do. As I started to have success, I simply became more determined to do even better.
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