In the best shape of my life

I just turned 35 years old last month I’m in the best physical shape of my life.

I work out every single day, for at least an hour, without fail.

While fitness has regularly been a big part of my proper routine, I have become far more dedicated over the last few months. I observed that my friends were looking old, slowing down plus getting fat. Most of them had put on a lot of weight. I am unwilling to sacrifice quality of life. I take care of myself and I really like the rewards. I make sure to get a few hours of sleep and get up at the same time every afternoon. I am a vegetarian and I eat actually nutritious meals, with lots of vitamins, nutrients and find ways to get protein. My workouts include a wide range of fitness activities. I sometimes go for a 5 mile run or ride my bicycle. I swim, play volleyball, run, rock climb plus kayak. Several times a week, I jump rope, lift weights and perform push ups, squats and abdominal crunches. Every day, I spend a minimum of twenty minutes on stretching and improving flexibility. I make sure to incorporate a broad spectrum of motion that involves every section of the body. Along with common stretches such as splits, straddles, neck rolls and straddles, I add in forward rolls, headstands, cartwheels and even holding planks. I often get mistaken for someone much younger than what I am. I work hard to remain strong, healthy and look great.

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