Never had to worry about weight until now

I’ve never had to worry about my how I looked.

For my entire life, I’ve regularly been naturally small.

While I tend to eat good, I’ve never denied myself a slice of pie or helping of ice cream when I was hoping for it. While I am an active woman, I didn’t have a dedicated workout that I did though. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 40s that I started having some issues. When I went through menopause, I gained quite a bit of pudge around my fummy. I suddenly had some gross fat just hanging around me. I made changes to my diet and started working out every single day. I saw no change plus got discouraged. I was upset that I would never lose the weight and would need to buy myself a new wardrobe to deal with it. Then a buddy of mine advised that I try to get in touch with a personal trainer. She said that a personal trainer had made a large difference in her weight loss, overall health plus level of fitness. I called the trainer she advised plus met with him for a chat. The man was extremely smart and kind. He plus I discussed the impact plus effects of menopause at length. The man explained how the metabolism tends to slow down at this stage of life. He also warned that this is when I lose strength, balance and develop all sorts of health troubles. The trainer and I worked out a meal program that includes a lot more vitamins, minerals plus nutrients while cutting down on fat.