Corporate wellness program makes a big difference

I don’t always make smart choices when it comes to my diet. At one time, there was always a supply of unhealthy snacks in the breakroom at work. Someone was always bringing in donuts to share. Somebody would order a sheet pizza for lunch or bring in cake to celebrate a birthday. The food was accessible, making it way too easy to indulge in bad habits. I simply couldn’t resist. Eventually, most people in the office were complaining about gaining weight. We all noticed soreness in our joints. Many of my coworkers were suffering from back and neck problems. I was thrilled when I heard talk of implementing a corporate wellness program. I had heard about the many benefits of corporate wellness programs. They increase productivity in the workplace and minimize employee absenteeism and turnaround. Setting up a physical training program and offering nutritional counseling in the workplace is a great idea. It provides an opportunity to get into better shape. A group petitioned the boss to implement a corporate wellness program. The boss was immediately agreeable. As soon as there was a sign up sheet available, I wrote my name down. I knew the program would be popular. They quickly realized that it the personal trainer and nutritionist were in big demand. The corporate wellness program has been running for almost two years now and it continues to expand. It has made a huge difference for me personally. I’ve lost weight and become more active. I look and feel better and have more energy. I’m a better employee and enjoy a better quality of life.

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