I can’t wait to leave

I usually don’t say this, but I am so excited to go to Florida this upcoming weekend! Yes, I know plenty of people flock there for vacations each year, but not me. I have to go all the way down to that scalding hot hell hole routinely because my boyfriend’s family reside there! I love visiting with his family and everything, but I have one complaint; they are a little too accustomed to the insanely high heat and humidity that’s characteristic of the area. Because of this fact, they don’t use their air conditioning systems quite as heavily as I wish they would. In fact, every time I’m staying at their house, I beg my boyfriend to sneakily turn the AC down a few degrees. It’s especially concerning at night, when I wake up to find myself covered in sweat and boiling from the inside. This evening heat stroke has been happening every month for a year now. Well, this upcoming weekend things are going to be very different, because his family is going to be out of town! As much as I regret not being able to see them for a weekend visit, I am really looking forward to getting acquainted with their thermostat for the first time. I need to be careful when choosing my preferred AC and dehumidifier settings for sure. Of course, I don’t want to abuse the cooling system too hard or else they’ll certainly see those lower indoor air temperatures reflected in their energy bills. I fear that the utility bill increase could backfire and create an even hotter indoor environment next month!

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