Taking the copper wires

I don’t even know if it’s safe anymore where both of us live, our state government passed this brand new law allowing all these criminals to easily go back on the streets. I think there have been close to 90 gang members released on the streets after these laws were passed. I don’t know what is going on with the governor thinking that it’s okay to make our state genuinely dangerous. It’s like he wants everybody to leave the state so he can continue to do what he wishes. I feel like I have to go get a gun to be able to protect our family from somebody trying to get in, however I can’t easily do that because they changed the gun laws in our state as well making it take longer to get a gun that you need to protect your family. I know somebody is going to break in and steal everything including the window air conditioning system. I have heard about a lot of break ins recently and it seems like people prefer to go for the Heating and A/C systems because they are so extravagant, but they even get at the air conditioning system condenser units and that makes for a genuinely pricey Heating and A/C supplier repair. Things are just getting so out of control so I guess that soon, both of us are just going to sell our beach house and leave the state. I don’t think how much longer both of us can deal with this out of control governor ruining the state and all these crooked lawmakers going along with it. We need to live in a locale where it is safe and the people are still sane.



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