I Didn’t Realize There Was a Duct free HVAC System

I had a trip up North planned for over 2 months, plus I was distraught to get there, then i booked a small cottage in the mountains, plus it had great reviews online, however a lot of other tenants said it was clean, comfortable, plus in a great location.

I booked the cottage for a superb rate since it was considered the “off season” plus freezing weather was expected.

In fact, it started snowing as soon as I pulled into the driveway! I had no plans of leaving the cottage once I checked in, so the snow was a nice touch. I lugged all our belongings plus groceries for the month into the cottage plus started exploring our new home for the week! The snow was entirely falling outside, plus the temperature inside was dropping hastily, so I set out to turn the heat on! When I found the temperature control in the hallway, I turned the temperature from 69 degrees to 75 degrees. As I waited for the cottage to moderate up, I unpacked our bags. When I was still feeling freezing afterwards, I went back to the temperature control plus adjusted it a few more degrees. I wasn’t feeling any heat, so I began to panic that it would never moderate up. The reviews for the rental were great though, so I didn’t understand why nobody else had a problem with the heat. It must have been something I was doing. When I went back to the temperature control, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. There was a ductless mini idea hanging on the wall above, plus it wasn’t turned on! Once I hit the on button, the vents opened up plus the heat began flowing.

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