Fifth avenue type is too black and white for me

My sibling recently redid his entire beach house plus it cost his quite a bit of cash.

  • When he was through, he asked me to come over plus take a look plus tell his what I thought.

The first thing I thought when I walk through the door, was that it looked a lot adore our great Grandma’s house. There was a lot of natural wood chairs, flowers everywhere, plus the whole beach house looked actually cluttered with porcelain junk, and did I mention that every room of the beach house had a odd floral wallpaper design? My sibling told me that this is the second astadium style. To me it just looked adore a crowded antique store but I did adore the Italian chairs, however of course, I kept most of our opinions to myself, and antique type clutter, to me, just looks adore proper clutter. I mean, in 60 years, are people going to be fashioning their houses after the way our cluttered beach house looks this week? I sure hope not. I ended up telling our sibling that the beach house looked actually “her” plus left it at that… She kept important me about this until I finally said that I kind of adore the rustic meets traditional look a bit more myself. This is true, if I had the cash, I would have custom built furniture made for our beach house that didn’t look ancient but didn’t look brand-new either. My sibling didn’t certainly want to hear that but at least I didn’t tell his what I certainly thought. I guess he wanted me to say that I enjoyed his lovely furniture plus second astadium style. I’m sorry sis but I do not adore to lie. I’ll just keep from saying what I certainly guess as much as possible instead.

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