Transitionally sophisticated look to the house

I love rainy days, however i love the greys and the yellows and the stink of rain.

I do not care if our hair gets wet and frizzy, it’s worth it if it rains.

That’s why it should be no surprise that our apartment is also decorated in a lot of yellows and greys. The technical term is transitional sophistication. I do not think who came up with that term but it’s what I use now whenever I’m looking for a new piece of furniture, or a rug. That’s how I think I will find exactly what I want, in the color scheme I want, that matches the rest of the house. It wasn’t constantly this way though. I’ve never been an interior decorator, so to speak. I just knew I liked the yellows and greys so I would buy a lot of yellow and gray furnishings. It was a neighbor of mine who told myself and others that our apartment had a lot of transitional sophistication! When I asked her what that meant, she explained that there are unusual styles of decorating and that I, not even knowing it, had chosen transitional sophistication for our house. I later looked up this term, and sure enough, our apartment could be the dictionary definition of transitional sophistication. I kind of appreciate it and I appreciate knowing the term too, then now, when I have guests, I throw around transitional sophistication as if I had planned to decorate our apartment in a particular genre the whole time. They do not have to think that it was just a coincidence that our preferences matched a even-handed style.
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