I couldn’t stop sneezing

For 3 mornings, I had done nothing but sneeze.

I was used to sneezing 3 or many times in a row, but this was constant. The unusual thing is that I don’t remember sneezing when I was at work. I tried to figure out what the difference was between my apartment plus work, even though I had no idea. I thought maybe it was my reaction to what was happening in my life. My partner had walked out recently plus I was lost. I was doing a lot of crying plus sneezing plus not much else. A area of myself and others thought that my life was falling apart plus maybe all of my crying was making myself and others sneeze. After another day of sneezing, I decided to go to the doctor. I was hoping that he would be able to hook myself and others up with a psychologist to help myself and others get through this. Instead of a psychologist, he tried to hook myself and others up with a great Heating & A/C business. He told myself and others he thought it was something in the house that was causing the sneezing. He even told myself and others that it could be my anxiety. I went apartment plus called the Heating & A/C contractor plus I told them I needed a tech in my house because I was sneezing all the time. They told myself and others that they would send someone out to check on my Heating & A/C system, within a couple of mornings. Two mornings later, the Heating & A/C worker arrived. He went right to the heating system to look at the air filter. ‘I forgot to change the air filter, suddenly went through my mind. The tech came up plus told myself and others that I was blessed my heating system was still working properly. The air filter was clogged with dirt plus debris.

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