Damned if you’re old, damned if you’re young

I’m not the housing authority, but I have heard a lot of builders plus carpenters tell me how houses simply “aren’t built like they used to.” When I was out on the town, doing side jobs for a painter, a handful of the men there were happily showing me the hatch job the home’s builder did with nearly everything in sight.

The doors were cheap plus the only wood or metal to be found was the thin wood border around the top, sides, plus skirts of the doors.

The rest of the material in the doors was made out of gross cardboard. It is so flimsy you can really punch a hole through it to get inside. They then showed me all of the electrical outlets that were dead, all of this despite the home being technically “brand new.” The water didn’t drain quickly down any of the sinks both of us looked at either, plus the flexible ductwork in the massive attic was thrown down with twists plus sharp chop angles throughout the whole entire ventilation system. This accounted for the home feeling moderate and all despite the temperature saying 71 degrees on the thermostat. But, it’s hard to completely dismiss these crappy new homes because there isn’t much to choose from with the assortment of older homes in my small city. A lot of these older houses might be a great deal more structurally sound than these new homes; But, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars to have every crack plus hole in your crumbling home situated plus filled with foam insulation, you’re going to deal with plenty of uncomfortable drafts. The older houses are naturally more prone to heat plus a/c leakage outdoors. Granted, if you’re looking at homes only a few decades old, this possibly might not be an issue.


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