I should have checked the gutters

There are a number of seemingly easy-to-miss and doom-creating accidents waiting to happen around your family home that in reality could create nightmare repair scenarios.

  • The other day, for instance, I tried toasting bread with my oven broiler.

I had actually just moved to a cabin plus didn’t have a toaster at the new arena. I wasn’t thinking when I put the bread a few inches below the top element plus walked away for a second. After several minutes, I could stink the smoke filling my house with haste. The bread caught on fire plus I hastily grabbed as much wad of paper towel as I could scramble, through it under the sink faucet to soak it thoroughly, plus then muted the flaming bread with the wet paper towel. It’s actually a life saving trick I learned years ago, although ideally you should use actual cloth or possibly something polyester like a blanket. In my case, paper towel really was the closest thing I could grab to get the job done. I still hadn’t totally recovered from my prior mishap. A few weeks back, I had also discovered a backed-up rain gutter that was dripping nasty algae-filled water located on the outside portion of my window a/c. The old window a/c sits directly below the congested gutter system plus had been doused with the stinky rain water for at least more than six days before I found it. I had to use a special antimicrobial spray to carefully and safely scrub the nastiness off my beloved window a/c. It was certainly a tough lesson to learn, but I’m confident I would never miss something silly like this again. Surely, it’s not worth damaging something upscale like a modern HVAC device just because you’re too lazy to periodically check if your existing rain gutters are working officially.

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